1. Buy token from our ssl signed Website.
  2. Checkout via Paypal or Credit Card.
  3. In the Username email section add the email address of your username from our product sites.
  4. Wait for your tokens be credited in your account(30mins to 1 hour) as WALLET.
  5. Shop at our site and checkout with your purchase by paying via WALLET

WHY purchase token?

Due to the nature of business we had a hard time getting credit card processor that supports the product. So we made an innovation and way to take credit card payments and paypal payments. You don’t need to worry since it is site embedded so it is secured and no credit card details will be saved on our end.

TOKEN denomination

50 token – purchase at $45

100 token – purchase at $95

150 tokens – purchase at $145

200 tokens – purchase at $195

Custom amount – purchase at same custom amount i.e 55 tokens is $55

1 Token = $1 wallet balance i.e 50 TOKEN = $50 Wallet Balance


  1. Token is available for single user use.
  2. Token is non-transferable.
  3. Token is gift-able, meaning you can buy token for someone as long as they are already signed-up on our site or if not yet they need to create a user on our user creation page. Then we can top.up the tokens to His/Her account.